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Mark McManus, Mark McManus Development Corp. has become one of a select group of professional home builders nationwide to attain the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation, identifying him as one of the building industry’s top professionals. Focusing on continued education in all aspects of home building from engineering, finacial management, innovation and design provides McManus Development with the oportunity to be able to help our client's ideas take shape and their dreams become reality. 


The GMB program is administered by the National Association of Home Builders. To qualify for the GMB designation program, a builder must have attained either the Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) or Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) designations and have five years of building industry experience or have successfully completed an additional three NAHB-approved courses and have at least 10 years of industry experience.


GMB graduates complete an intensive series of courses on how to capitalize on business opportunities, executive-level financial management, managing risk in an evolving market and other building industry topics. For over 20 years, McManus Development has been creating, defining, & constructing custom homes that reflect the unique character and lifestyles of our customers.


McManus Development takes great pride in providing the type of comprehensive service you would expect from a company steeped in tradition, values and ethics. When working with a builder like McManus Development, rest assured you’re getting more than a team that knows exactly how to take those drawings from rendering to residence. It’s our ability to take all of your ideas—from the kind planned out from day one to those last-minute kind scribbled on sticky notes—and make them more than just ideas. It’s what sets us apart.

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