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Higher quality one home at a time. Practical solutions that simplify your work, are kind to the environment and beautifully designed. That's the type of work you can expect from McManus Development. It's simple, we strive to be the best in every detail of what we do because thats exactly the type of service we would expect if standing in our client's shoes. When our clients take notice of our effort along every step of the bulding process leading up to the day they move into their dream home it's a very fullfilling feeling. When you hire McManus Development, we work for you and become your employee. McManus Development carries a reputation for building high-quality luxury homes and customer service that always exceeds expectations. As a company, we will continue to build that reputation and never cease in our quest to go above and beyond to build beautiful custom homes. Our bottom line is to deliver you with a product that you are happy with, and to remove some of the stress and hassles that come with a construction or remodeling project. 

Think of us as your advocate, working with architects and builders to serve as a representative on your behalf. We pride ourselves on the relationship that we develop with a client, and many of our past clients have become close, personal friends. After all, building or remodeling a home is a very personal process, and no one understands that better than us. When you choose to build with McManus Development, you will have complete confidence that you have entered into a partnership with a fully-engaged builder who cares as much about the fine details as you do. Where other builders consider a construction process contingent upon bricks, beams and mortar, McManus Development expands the concept to incorporate imagery, inspiration and intuition.


With Warmest Regards,


Mark & Debbie McManus

and the entire McManus Development staff

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