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Known for our unique “lifestyle” homes, we believe in architectural style and coziness. Regardless of your design preference, we will work with you to create a functional, yet one-of-a-kind dream home that reflects your personal style and the needs of your family. We take our cues from our customers with the ability to provide ultra contemporary solutions to a cozy lodge or cottage essence. We guarantee high impact homes in terms of their looks and mood, along with the confidence that only a totally personal and reliable company like McManus Development can offer. With this approach, McManus Development has long set the gold standard for elegant living in the greater Quad City area.


When building, location is key. McManus Development specializes in original custom homes and large renovation projects. We can build on your homesite, find a homesite, or choose from one of our unique custom communities. Some of our services on custom homes & projects include:


  • Knowledge: Our office staff has over 48 combined years of experience & knowledge in building custom homes.  They are friendly, attentive, and easy to communicate with regardless if this is your first time building a custom home or if you are an experienced client.  We make our customers feel comfortable throughout their building process.The journey to building your new custom home is guided by you. As you venture into the exciting endeavor of building your luxury home with McManus Development, you will be joined by a team of passionate and talented professionals to steer you through the process. Effective communications insure that your vision and our expertise result in the home of your dreams.


  • Home Design: We can provide assistance in selecting an architect or draftsperson for the specific tastes of your custom home. Homeowner and architect match is a critical component in finding the benefit, value and creativity necessary to achieve your dream home. We are committed to the belief that design excellence and the best construction practices are inseparable. 


  • Product & Service Selection: McManus Development will guide you towards vendors that have the maximum blend of creativity and value. Our experienced crews and construction managers build to the highest level of quality and detail. Our clients are happy to attest to the stunning quality of the projects we build as well as the professionalism and courtesy of our crews.


  • Quality Control: Your new home is monitored daily as if it were our own. Our experience allows us to communicate with staff in the field and optimize scheduling and quality with subcontractors. This helps prevent “rush” work or having to use sub-standard materials. Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our finished product—your home. We will sacrifice little and compromise nothing to meet our joint expectations of extremely high quality.


  • Aura Architectural Millwork & Cabinetry: Aura Architectual Millworks, our architectural millworks division, allows us to build and install the highest quality craftsmanship. Our ability to design, fabricate and install these finer features have given our homes that “extra something.” Aura Architectual Millworks works closely with McManus Development clients to translate each homes' functional needs into practical works of art. From stately libraries to sophisticated media centers, one of a kind staircases and elaborate gourmet kitchens to indulgent master bathroom suites, Aura's integrity of design and attention to detail impart the unique character and charm of an McManus Development home.


  • Less Work, More Living: More than ever before, today the key features of modern architecture are efficiency and rationality. What we are looking at today is a new way of conceiving projects, in which the enhancement of the image becomes increasingly aware. We've become progressively attentive to the need to limit energy consumption and make living space as comfortable and low maintenance as possible. This is why McManus Development consistently researches the latest & greatest products and embraces the continuous evolution along side modern materials and technology. Revolutionary products like the grout free Mbrico Tile Decks, Savant Controls, slate roofs, foam insulation systems, geothermal heating and many others are the types of attributes you can expect to find in any McManus Development home. We demonstrate higher quality, one home at a time. 


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